• About DTN

    Digital Tourism in the Nordics is an online platform for small and medium-sized tourism companies and destination managers which aims to:
    – increase digital competencies in the travel industry in the Nordic region
    – help the tourism industry to network with each other within the Nordic region
    – let people join relevant webinars, digital and physical conferences and get-togethers   

    It is a collaboration between the Icelandic Tourist Board, Visit Faroe Islands, Visit Greenland and Business Finland and is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. We highly encourage other Nordic countries to get in touch with us and discuss cooperation opportunities! Feel free to write directly to one of our Team members.

  • About the team

    Inga Rós Antoníusdóttir

    Digital Development at Icelandic Tourist Board
    At the Icelandic Tourist Board, I get to combine my passion for tourism and digitalization. My focus has been on developing platforms that connect travel and tech companies, inspiring a dialogue between these fields and creating a deeper understanding of the tourism industry’s need for digital solutions. I hope that this platform will enable knowledge sharing across the Nordics, create a stronger community between tourism operators in the region and encourage them to strengthen their digital competencies to the benefit of their businesses.
    → Get in touch with Inga


    Filip Gielda

    Head of Digital at Visit Greenland
    I work in the position of Head of Digital at Visit Greenland and specialize in digital visibility, user experience and strategy. I have worked within the digital field for the last 12 years – mostly with marketing, digitalization, digital consulting, but also art direction and visual production. I would like to help local operators in Greenland increase their digital competencies, through the use of this platform. I would also like DTN to become a bridge between Greenland and the rest of the Nordics, so the operators can meet each other digitally, and discuss some of the digital difficulties they recognize from everyday work within tourism.
    → Get in touch with Filip


    Hanna Muoniovaara

    Regional Partnership Manager at Visit Finlan
    I joined the group at the end of 2020 stepping in after Kaisa Kosonen. I have been working for Visit Finland for almost 4 years now, but have been in different roles in the tourism industry for over 15 years. I work primarily in helping the Finnish Tourism industry and destinations in their internationalization processes, understanding their customers and their needs. Digitalization and sustainability play a big role in it. As we are small unknown destinations we have to be accessible digitally; found in the relevant marketing and sales channels from the dreaming phase to purchasing. I find it really important that we, like the Nordics,  join our forces and share our knowledge around all things digital and I see this platform doing just that!
    → Get in touch with Hanna


    Bárður Eklund

    Digital Marketing Manager at Visit Faroe Island
    A lot of Visit Faroe Islands success with marketing the Faroe Islands as a unique destination has partially been building on our little teams’ ability to take full advantage of the power of visual communication and digitalization. My humble contribution to this little creative team of ours has been building on my 20 years of experience with visual communication and photojournalism, advertising, tv production, newspaper and magazine editor, plus some knowledge and experience within software and web design, UI, UX and SEO. Over the years Visit Faroe Islands has focused on sharing our knowledge and strengthening the digital competencies within the local tourism industry. We believe that this new Digital Tourism Nordics platform will help us and our local industry to better reach digitalization competencies goals plus expand their network with their Nordic brothers and sisters in the nordic tourism industry.
    → Get in touch with Bárður 


    Olivia Døgg Fríðfinsdóttir

    Digital Media Assistant and Tourism Development at Visit Faroe Islands
    Olivia Døgg is a key player on the little team at Visit Faroe Islands. Her combined background in Anthropology and Experience Economy and previous work experience at a regional DMOS is put to use at the tourism development department and in her role as assistant to Bardur in the digital department. Olivia Døgg plays a vital role in Visit Faroe Islands efforts to build a bridge between the local industry and Visit Faroe Islands and the efforts to digitalize the industry. The team at Visit Faroe Islands hopes that the DTN platform will create a strong community and synergy effect that can push digitalization within the Nordic region even further.
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