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A LinkedIn Analysis of Visit Faroe Islands Meetings

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In April 2019, the MICE department at Visit Faroe Islands started a LinkedIn showcase page called Visit Faroe Islands Meetings. The showcase page aimed to reach corporations and travel agents and inspire them to place their meetings, conferences and incentive travel in the Faroe Islands through articles, images, videos, events and so on.

Before the Visit Faroe Islands Meetings showcase page, LinkedIn hadn’t been used as a communications platform for Visit Faroe Islands. We, therefore, started from scratch and knew little about what worked and what didn’t, so it’s been a process of trial and error to start with.

After two years of posting on LinkedIn and a thorough content performance analysis for 2020, it’s been possible to draw some interesting conclusions based on followers and engagement patterns and thereby optimising the performance of the Visit Faroe Islands Meetings showcase page.

Engagement drives reach and reach drives followers

It’s cliché, but very true. The graph below (Figure 1) shows post impressions and total follower count for Visit Faroe Islands Meetings from 1st January 2020. Some posts reach an audience far above the follower count and some not.

Figure 1 – Post impressions vs total number of page followers

At the same time the showcase page peaks in numbers of new followers when there is a spike in post impressions (Figure 2). This conclusion is based on comparing post impressions and the number of new followers from data in 2021. As the page was relatively new at the beginning of 2020 with a low number of followers, the very high spikes in new followers in 2020 are due to invitations to follow the page, which skewed the natural pattern of new followers.

Figure 2 – Weekly post impressions vs a weekly number of new followers. NOTE: the high spikes in new followers in 2020 are largely due to invitations to follow.

Posts with high impressions drive the numbers of new followers up, and unsurprisingly we’ve also experienced a direct link between post engagement and post impressions as illustrated below (Figure 3).

Figure 3 – Engagement and impressions compared for each post since January 2020

To conclude, engagement drives reach and reach drives followers – but which posts are highly engaged with and which are not? To answer this question, we analysed each post in 2020.

Content quality over quantity

 Content highlights

op performing posts clearly show that the Visit Faroe Islands Meetings followers prefer content that is easy to digest, relatable and visual.

Articles that discuss topics that are easy to read and more general are preferred to articles that are too scientific. Current topics and stories such as the opening of the world’s first subsea roundabout in the Faroe Islands, sustainability, as well as inspiring persons usually generate high engagement and reach.

LinkedIn is more visual than we originally expected; therefore it can be a good idea to use tips from other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Images need to be good, relevant to the topic and also represent your destination.

Light posts with an interesting story and greetings with good images generally perform well.

Content lowlights

Reposts generally don’t drive engagement and have relatively little reach. When reposting it needs to be very selected, and there shouldn’t be any doubt why you repost. Ideally, create your posts rather than repost, and tag the relevant people and companies.

When analysing posts that didn’t perform well, it was evident that the images didn’t represent our brand – the Faroe Islands. It’s worth spending time on finding the right images; images that are not only relevant to the topic of the post, but also picture our destination.

Analyse your past LinkedIn content

What works best on our page, might not work on your page, but by analyzing the performance of your past LinkedIn posts, you can usually learn a lot.

Firstly, categorise your content, and then compare top and low performing posts. This way, it is generally easy to identify patterns. For Visit Faroe Islands Meetings reposts perform worst with little to no engagement; and visual posts with majestic images of the Faroe Islands and a good, easy to digest story drive engagement, reach and new followers.

When finalizing the LinkedIn yearly report for the Visit Faroe Islands

By following the learnings from our LinkedIn 2020 Content Analysis Report, post engagement and reach has visibly increased. When finalizing the report, we were unsure of whether reach was driving followers to our page; however, based on recent posts there is a clear link between top-performing posts and new followers. So it’s worth investing some extra time in finding the right stories and images for your page to grow your follower base.



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