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Conversion of digital marketing into sales

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Accessibility of the product is the key to a sufficient purchase decision.

Digital is one of the hottest trend words of today: everything should be online, digitalized or at least stored in the cloud. But what it actually does mean in terms of sales?

This piece of text is not about how to make a perfect digital marketing plan, but to remind about the customer journey – that, in the end, rare of us know perfectly.

The main thing I have noticed during my daily life is problems with the accessibility of the product in the digital sphere. Nowadays all of us can google things – but the question is what happens after that. Even the most attractive Google AdWord advertisements or really creative influencer partnerships won’t save the business if the landing page, web-shop or the website itself are not working properly. So it is very important to think beyond the advertising: how a customer, that has already paid attention to our brand in form of advertisement, could proceed through the sales funnel?
If the customer has put something into the bucket but left the webpage without purchasing, how could the company remind him or her about the unfinished purchase? Is your website really telling your customers things they are interested in? Is the web-shop experience smooth? And is there enough information about your company in general – are you building enough trust between you and your customer?

When you are thinking about digital marketing, take note of the following:

  • What is the purpose of the marketing campaign? In addition to measurable KPIs, think what is the most important goal that you would like to achieve on the bigger horizon?
  • What happens after a potential client has seen the advertisement?
  • And, when a client has found your webpage, how will he or she proceed further, from the landing page to pressing the “purchase” button?

Even though we have much more knowledge about digital marketing than a few years ago, we have still many things to learn. And one of them is the service path of the customer: how the client found us, and when a purchase is made after the first encounter? And why.


Aleksandra Shakhnovich

Sales Promotion Specialist
Business Finland Oy – Visit Finland

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